Thursday, 13 December 2012

Snapback Hat is back!

How many of you own a snapback hat? How frequent do you put on your snapback out of 10 outings? If you don’t own one, you might need to consider getting one as soon as possible, I mean seriously. We have seen the snapback hats have made a huge comeback in recent years, and the snapback hat seems to be as big thing at the moment in today’s fashion circles. Prince William has been spotted wearing one over the past month, music icons such as Kanye West, Dr Dre, Madonna and other hip-hop and rap musicians made snapback hats rise in popularity by wearing them in music videos, concerts, and movies.

Back in the old days, cap / hat is believed to be invented to serve some of the basic needs / practical uses of human, probably to seek protection from nature and weather, but nowadays it has spread so much wider to an extent where it protects and affects human mentally that it has become part of our life.

Snapback hats have always had a presence but not always in fashion industry until recent decades when it started to form its own characteristics. Snapback hats associates heavily with streetwear, which has become a trend which is really saturating the fashion industry across the board. On top of that, the time saved on doing hairstyling, the favour in concealing your poor hair quality, the characteristics, spirits as well as the attitude you carry with your snapback hat all make up the reasons why snapback hat has formed its forceful status on the street today.

There are so many different kinds of snapback hats in the marketplace today with different designs and styles which almost coming by simply daily. Along with its broad price range as well as its availability in almost everywhere, it explains what made it dominating the streetwear industry so critically.

There could be 300 reasons why do we want to wear a snapback hat on a specific day. To cover our messy hair after exercises, to make ourselves look sharper with our outfit, and et cetera. In recent years, snapback hats have even become community icons where different communities might have their symbolised style of snapback hats. And this has made the number of people wearing snapback hats dramatically increase where these people wanted to be seen as part of the aspired communities so badly.

There is no right or wrong to wear or not to wear a snapback hat, and there is no exact definition or answer to what makes a cool snapback hat. As long as you think you should, you believe or you feel like putting on one, please go ahead.

A hat, a real hat, is more than appropriate to add to your wardrobe today.

Live your life, do your work, then take your hat - Henry David Thoreau

Cock your hat, angles are attitudes - Frank Sinatra

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