Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wear the tees, not to be worn by the tees!

Tees have become so common nowadays where you can probably find any kinds of tees with different imprints, logos, slogans, strap lines, funny / vulgar messages and et cetera all surrounding you.

There are people out there who got themselves tees cost half of their monthly salary and there are dudes got themselves free tees distributed by charity organisations.What's the myth behind this little piece of cloth which makes such a huge difference in terms of perceptions depending on how you see it.

There is a saying indicates that how one wears represents how he / she looks at themselves but not how other look at them.From cutting, imprints, materials, message conveyed, brand’s characteristics, designs, sizes, colour to anything you want to tell others can all be summarised in a piece of tee, and that tee represents your soul.

Choose the tees to wear but not let the other decides what tees you are going to wear. Find yourself a reason why do you want to wear this tee, and tell others what do you want them to know more about you via this tee.

Get yourself a tee belongs to you.


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