Thursday, 13 December 2012

Welcome to our store!

Hey y'all! Thirdround is officially launched today on 24th September 2012. We hope that you are as excited as we do! Providing you with the utmost customer service safisfaction and stress-free online shopping exeprience is our pledge to you. To keep things short, we hope that you will enjoy your every minute spent in our online store. Get updated news and allow us to keep you posted on the latest information of our online store by signing up our newsletters. Do let us know if you have any questions via Check out the brands we carry below. Welcome on board!

SUBCREW, the streetwear clothing brand founded in Hong Kong by figureheads Sam Lee, Kobe Chen, Frankie, Fhai and KS. With their own flagship boutiques (entitled UNITY) in the main cities of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the brand is well known of its low profile yet unique designs. The brand has its own spirit in its root by representing Asia's street culture, expressing their own characteristics and individualities. No doubt, Subcrew has successfully become one of the street culture icons among skaters and urban youngsters in Asia.

OUTERSPACE, founded by Leo (Circus) in Taiwan in 2007. The spirit from outer space!

A renowned streetwear apparel brand among celebrities in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the brand is all about rebellious and endless creativities. Ever since the brand established itself in 2007, the brand has done a number of successful collaborations with international designers, photographers, models, comics publishers and other streetwear clothings. The brand conveys its own spirits and attitudes through its tees.

Akomplice, originated from Colorado, The States. Founded by the Liberty brothers - Patrick Liberty and Mike Liberty. The streetwear apparel emphasises on its think out-of-the-box designs and 'clean but in-your-face' styles. The brand's designs and artworks often inspired by things happening around the world and the meaning behind their designs are often associated with nature, philosophies, hip-hop, cinema, art, politics, and music.

"The Akomplice line features “basic and clean” street fashion with button-downs and T-shirts that have “out-of-the-box” designs."

Liberty, Founder, Akomplice

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