Friday, 25 April 2014

New drops: Akomplice 2014 Spring 2 Collection

Thridround Clothing - Akomplice 2014 Spring 2 Collection

Akomplice 2014 Spring 2
Evolution through Innovation

Dear chaps, Akomplice 2014 Spring 2 Collection is now in store at Thirdround Clothing! The label who's not afraid of giving the industry a middle finger released this collection inspired by some of the world’s most magical plants and depicts the journey from growth to experimental after affects.

The collection’s chronology is depicted across an array of t-shirts, button downs, tank-tops and hats fit for this spring season, where Thirdround Clothing has stocked some of the key featured items of the collection which we think they suit the streetwear / urban wear addicts in Singapore and Malaysia the most (taking into consideration the weather here...).

Staying true to contentious subject matter, the collection’s inspiration draws from the label's roots - Colorado, where Marijuana has been recently legalised, and the collection features a lot of photographs and artwork showcasing magic plants as they live in nature and the affects of the natural phenomena. So please expect some free-flowing, cloud-like, omni-colour prints that may probably seize your senses.

The collection is now available at Thirdround Clothing's webstore and below please see the tees and strapback hat that Thirdround Clothing has stocked for this Spring 2 Collection. Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"


Thidround Clothing
The official retailer of Akomplice

Thirdround Clothing - Akomplice Sea of Green Tee

Thirdround Clothing - Akomplice Half Ocean Tee

Thirdround Clothing - Akomplice Sunflower Pocket Tee

Thirdround Clothing - Akomplice Nebula Tee

Thirdround Clothing - Akomplice Nebula Sleeve Tee

Thirdround Clothing - Akomplice Red Sunflower Strapback

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