Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Subcrewreact X Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection

Thirdround Clothing - Subcrew Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection

Hong Kong streetwear pioneer, Subcrewreact has once again teamed up with Singapore streetart artist - Jahan Loh, releasing the third season of the Subcrew Made by Jahan Collection in 2013 - The Subcrew X Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection. To be in consistence with the last two seasons of Subcrew Made By Jahan Collection, the designs and layout of this season are pretty much the same as the previous seasons featuring the portraits and iconic logos by Jahan Loh.

While nuclear radiation being one of the hottest topics on the newspaper headlines worldwide, the theme of this Subcrew Made by Jahan Collection focusses on anti-terrorism and in opposition to the use of radioactive and nuclear energy that may harm human beings and living things on earth, where Jahan Loh came up with a portrait with armed forces gas mask to be featured on the crewneck tees, pocket tees, long-sleeve tees and long-sleeve shirts of this season's collection.

Below are the photos of the lookbook for this Subcrew X Made by Jahan Radioactive Decay Collection featuring model Claire Louise Jedrek, as well as the images of the designs that Thirdround Clothing has stocked for this collection. Feel free to visit our webstore for more details.

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Thirdround Clothing
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P.S.: Radiation can cause from skin sensitivity, skin rash to long-term damage such as scar tissues and infertility, while nuclear radiation, fanned by media-generated panic and ignorance, is always at the top of the list of most feared events in the world.

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