Saturday, 7 December 2013

Subcrew Fall Winter 2013 Lookbook

Introducing Subcrew's Fall Winter 2013 Collection which the Hong Kong-based streetwear label has just released early this month for this year-end cooling season! Streetwear addicts can expect some slim fit sweaters, WTF series pullovers, black colour / camouflage jackets, khakis, tees as well as some hats in this collection, and the label has got all the items from this collection to be 'easy-to-wear' where you can put them on easily before you hit the street. Major colours of this collection are black, white, blue and grey, and as usual, the label incorporated the label's name and some of the label's iconic imprints, phrases and mottos in this year-end collection. Hope you like it! Peace!

Thirdround Clothing
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