Sunday, 16 June 2013

Akomplice Summer 2013 Collection In Store

Akomplice Summer 2013 | Thirdround Clothing

With its label's items spreading across 28 countries around the globe, The America lifestyle and streetwear giant has just released its Summer 2013 collection. As usual, Thirdround Clothing has stocked some tees, long sleeve shirts and snapbacks from this collection for the streetwear followers here in South East Asia.

The designs and imprint layouts of this collection follow pretty much the same way the label usually does and they are very easy to be recognised as Akomplice productions. Imprints used for this collection are very much 'summer' related - beaches, hotties, bikinis, blue skies and major colours used other than the usual black and white are also lighthearted enough for you in this hot and spicy summer.

Of course, there are also snapbacks from the label's 'newspaper series' where the label has been doing all these while for their snapbacks. And there are button up long sleeve shirts in pleasant colours that suit different occasions.

Tan skins, crazy days, late nights, hot bikini chicks, getting drunk, chain smoking and because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen. Armed yourself now with some apparels from this AK summer 2013 collection to make sure you are swag enough while partying this summer!

Click here to have access to the full product line up of Akomplice Summer 2013 Collection at Thirdround Clothing.

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