Friday, 3 May 2013

Subcrew Spring 2013 Collection - Back to the 80's street scenes

The Hong Kong streetwear label, Subcrew React has decided to continue feature American street style from last season for their highly anticipated Spring 2013 collection. On top of incorporating its designs heavily with skateboarding cultures, streetarts and iconic phrases, the streetwear giant has slotted in some crucial graphic elements in the street scenes during the 80's into this Spring 2013 collection.

Cross bones, skulls, ciggies, rebellious cartoons or artworks are the main graphic elements the streetart artists used during the 80's especially in The States where street culture originated, to convey 'fight for your rights', 'peace no war', 'everyone to be treated fairly' and 'fuck racism' spirits.

While these iconic graphics have spreaded so wide into different fields like music, comics and et cetera over the years, Subcrew React is now bringing these back by putting them back to their hood where they initially belongs to - the streets.

As usual, the entire collection of this Spring 2013 collection by Subcrew React is being designed in the usual 'simple yet unique' manner, but other than using black and white colours as the main theme colours, the label has used heavily on grey and bright blue this time round, and that goes really well with the spirits this collection wants to convey. And of course, do stay tuned to see how the Subcrew's signature imprints and signature phrases are being incorporated with these classical graphic elements and spirits.

The Subcrew Spring 2013 collection will be available at our Pop Up Store at Actually+ 118A Arab Street Singapore 199813 from tomorrow Sunday 5/5/2013 12pm! We ourselves do find this collection as one of the best collections that we have ever stocked so far, no matter by looking at it from a design wise, cutting wise, attitude wise, fashion sense wise and et cetera. Remember we fuck hard on generic shits and we have to say this is fucking dope!

We persist with passion. Peace!

P.S.: Subcrew Spring 2013 collection will only available at our online store a week later!

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