Thursday, 10 January 2013

Akomplice - the Monkey Wrench Gang collection

Akomplice, the American streetwear with their philosophy being 'Evolution Through Innovation', has recently launched their latest collaborative collection, the Monkey Wrench Gang. Inspired by American author, Edward Abbey's novel titled The Monkey Wrench Gang in 1975, the collection carries heavy perseverance and persistence spirit in contending your rights and values which Thirdround Clothind found really similar to what we always adhere to. And that's also why Thirdround Clothing started its business.

The novel Monkey Wrench Gang is about 4 homies ganged up to protect their hood by protesting and disrupting environmentally endangering activities in the American Southwest. The novel talks a lot about environmental awareness, the chemistry between the homies, the enthusiasm of the 4 main characters possess and how they define home.

The sreetwear brand well known with its 'think out of the box', innovative and daring designs once again wowed streetwear enthusiasts with the spirits and attitude the collection carries, and the designs reflect heavily on the need in protecting our nature and environment, safeguarding our homeland and showing love to our mother earth.

Thirdround Clothing is really excited to have stocked this collection, and we hope everyone of you will like it like we do. Let's stop polluting the environment, love the nature and we will have a better home. Peace!


Thirdround Clothing

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X Large x Akomplice   The Monkey Wrench Gang Collection

X Large x Akomplice   The Monkey Wrench Gang Collection

X Large x Akomplice   The Monkey Wrench Gang Collection


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